Cheviot Valleys Flower Club

At the June meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club Mrs Wendy Smith entertained us with a demonstration - ‘Travels with My Aunt’.

Setting the scene for her demonstration she read from a novel about aunt Augusta and her travels.

The first place she visited was Brighton and to depict the Pavilion she used a container with senecio and eucalyptus placed round the edge, then phormium leaves straight up the middle with hosta leaves behind and some hebe. The colours of the design were all soft, as in Regency times.

She then placed lilac lisianthus beside the phormium and more through the design and added creamy yellow carnations and pink ’aqua’ roses. The design was put on a picnic basket on a stand with a gold top. On the top was the shape of the Pavilion made from leaves.

A green vase with fatsia leaves round the top and variegated laurel sticking up and over the edge was used for the next design. This represented a black tie dinner on the Orient Express.

Other foliage put in to make a curved design included, white edged hosta leaves, pieces of smoke bush, a dark heuchera, then flowers to contrast with the foliage, including white lisianthus, veronica and white avalanche roses.

To set the design off it was put in a window of the train with an authentic menu and bag beside.

The third design represented Paris in the spring.

A box with illustrations of Paris held a square container. Lime privet had been put at the sides and in the centre, fatsia leaves at the base, spotted laurel and cupresses. Yellow gladioli with some stems cut into smaller pieces were put through the design. Purple agapanthus and yellow roses completed the design in spring colours.

This box was placed on two larger identical boxes with a similar arrangement at the side.

The next place on her travels was Istanbul and to represent this, a large basket, as would be found in the spice market, with a container on top was used.

Phormium leaves pointing upwards were placed at the back and centre of the design with photinia behind and to the sides. Bergenia leaves at the back, hosta leaves in the centre and griselinia through the design. For the spice colours orange lilies, rust chrysanths and orange spray roses were used.

Finally a very bright and colourful design to represent the carnival in Rio had palm leaves as an outline. Aspidistra leaves with gold sprayed on them, gold and purple glitter, some folded were added along with variegated fatsia, skimmia and pittosporum.

A few lilac lisianthus, some bright pink gerberas, orange lilies, bright pink roses and yellow calla lilies completed the design of clashing colours. It was put at the base of a tall stand which had pink material draped over with some green and pink beads hanging. A similar design was put on the top of the stand.

The arrangements were all stunning and lived up to the title.

Mrs Vicki Oliver gave the vote of thanks on our behalf, saying that everyone had enjoyed the evening.

The meeting in July is an open night when Mrs Linda Hardman will present ‘Ask Me a Question’ Wednesday, July 22, at 7.30pm Whittingham Memorial Institute.

Tickets £5 available from Pat Hall 01665574017 or Iris Hunter 01665578358 or on the door. There will be refreshments and raffle.