Cheviot Valleys Flower Club

SURPRISING SEASONS: At the March meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Lizzie Harrat entertained us with a demonstration entitled Surprises.

To represent the surprise that the seasons always have when they change she used a stand made from two pieces of wood, one as a base and the other at right angles to it.

In the container on the base she used ferns, twigs and forsythia as the outline with cupressus, privet and variegated ivy over the front.

In the centre she put bergenia leaves and using yellow mini gerberas to form a line down the centre with daffodils through the design she completed it using purple hyacinths and yellow roses.

The next design used a container which was placed in the middle of a birch twig ring, representing a bird’s nest.

A mixture of senecio, conifer and viburnum were used to cover the oasis, with columns of shamrock chrysanths, pale yellow gerberas and two lots of purple lisianthus, grouped around the edge of the container. Moss was put into the middle.

Then she showed us how to do a lovely hand-tied bunch made up from cream tulips, palm leaves, eucalyptus, white spiraea and fatsia leaves on the outside. It was wrapped in cellophane and tied with a raffia bow.

For a design suitable for use at a wedding she used a terracotta plant pot with a large white candle in the centre.

A selection of greenery including hebe, skimmia, spiraea were used in clumps beside the candle.

Some white hyacinths and lisianthus were put in among the greenery and groupings of white roses and hellebores in between the other flowers.

She then showed us a good idea of how to make a swag.

It was made from a metre-long piece of wood which had three plant pots attached; each of these was decorated with a raffia bow.

In between the pots she used oasis wrapped in cling film with moss attached. Narcissi plants were put in the pots with moss on top of each. A useful idea as the plants could be changed.

The final design began with an oblong board on which she placed an oblong container which had a selection of different greenery in it.

Bergenia leaves were added and shamrock chrysanths. Some senecio, privet and hellebore leaves were used to fill in. Then she added flowers placed vertically in varying lengths. They included cream carnations, purple lisianthus, pink roses and some dogwood.

To complete the design she placed a smaller similar design at each end.

A very enjoyable demonstration, full of surprises and fresh, natural looking designs.

Mrs Viki Oliver gave the vote of thanks on our behalf.

The next meeting is on April 25, at 7.30pm in Whittingham Memorial Institute.

Margaret Earl will present a demonstration entitled Elegance. Visitors welcome.