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Display of flowersDisplay of flowers
Display of flowers
Beautiful baskets

At the February meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Heather Curry entertained us with a demonstration entitled A Basket Case.

She used a variety of different size and shapes of baskets for her designs.

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The first used a low rectangular basket, into which she put two types of viburnum round the edges, senecio and skimmia, with berries in groups. Tall pussy willow was placed at one side, with red cornus at the other side. Dried sedum, for texture, fatsia leaves at one end, pink chrysanths in the centre, small pink tulips in the front, with a group of daffodils beside the pussy willow completed it. Two designs the same were displayed beside it.

A large open basket with a handle, which had two containers of oasis inside, was the next style. Ivy with berries was placed along the edges, with some single leaves in the top. Two pieces of green cornus were added, with a phormium leaf beside, then spotted laurel was put through. Flowers included yellow carnations beside the phormium, at varying heights, with more along the front, and yellow chrysanths through. A similar, smaller design was placed above the main one to display.

The third design used a block of oasis with sand-coloured net pinned onto it beside a white basket and a piece of driftwood. A net with shells attached was put in. Into the basket, she put pussy willow, dried hydrangea heads, orange calla lilies, dried leaves and protea flowers in the centre to depict exotic shores. Shells were hung along the front.

Three small hanging baskets were used with curled aspidistra leaves, two in the front and one at the back of each. Three pale pink carnations were put in front of the single leaf, pink lisianthus over the front leaves, arum leaves between the flowers, and to complete it pale pink roses. The baskets were hung on a metal ‘tree’.

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For her fifth design, she used a round upturned basket with a container on top. Tall palm leaves were placed in the centre and out the front. Two aspidistra leaves were curled and pinned over the oasis, with Anastasia chrysanths down the centre and a green orchid with dark red centre at the front. Limes cut in half were placed into the design.

The final design was done in a suitcase made of basket material with the lid open. Laurel branches were arranged at the back and front, with curled aspidistra leaves, fatsia leaves in the middle, white carnations through the design, white Thai orchids and roses to complete. For the display, she put a smaller similar design in a suitcase, two silver shoes with white flowers, and a large basket tea cup with an arrangement of flowers and foliage.

Pat Younger gave the vote of thanks for a most interesting demonstration.

The next meeting of the flower club is on Wednesday, March 23, at 7.30pm in Whittingham Memorial Institute, when Katie Jane Pridmore will demonstrate All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Visitors are welcome.

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