Cheviot Valley, Flower Club

At the Christmas demonstration of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club we were entertained to All That Glitters by Katie Jane Hermes.

Monday, 8th January 2018, 10:30 am

She began by using a long rectangular tray, which had spruce arranged round the edge and three thin white candles in the centre. To this she added dark eucalyptus, senecio and small pieces of spruce. At one side she placed two pink and green anthuriums, one opposite, with some burgundy roses, gerberas and red carnations.

The next design used a large white urn which had spruce, laurel and eucalyptus round the edge, pieces of contorted hazel in the top and pieces of hypericum. The flowers she put in included red carnations and large green chrysanths. The design was placed on a plinth with another the same beside it.

For her third design she had an old wooden box turned upside down with a rectangular container on top. Some white birch pieces and spruce were placed along the edge and grouped at one end. Silver toned foliage was put among the birch, with senecio pieces over the top. A beautiful white orchid trailed over the edge, another on the front with smaller pieces through the design.

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At one end she put in two white chunky candles and white avalanche roses between the orchids and spikes of the birch.

She showed us how to make a large, hand-tied bouquet, which had foliage including laurel, spruce, eucalyptus, hypericum, sparkly cones, contorted hazel, pink anthuriums, white and red roses and burgundy gerberas, tied with a burgundy velvet ribbon.

The fifth design was done in a large gold bowl. She used a spikey eucalyptus trailing over the edge, some bits of another variety of eucalyptus and large leaves with laurel to fill in. Tall red lilies were placed in a circle with gold cones and red roses to complete it.

Her final design was done in a cut-out piece of log. Pieces of three different types of eucalyptus – one spikey, one round leafed and the other with a small leaf were used as the foliage, with some spruce to cover the oasis. Purple lisianthus were placed through the foliage, some white roses and rose gold sparkly cones with a lilac velvet bow at the front. Mrs Prudence Marks gave the vote of thanks.