Cheviot Valley, Flower Club

At the March meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club Julia Louden entertained with a demonstration entitled '˜Into Wonderland'

Sunday, 22nd April 2018, 6:00 am
Spring flowers. Jane Coltman

Based on the story of Alice In Wonderland, which is 150 years old, she began by depicting the white rabbit.

For this she used a small round container into which she placed leather leaf round the edge, tall pieces of albuca canadensis in the centre, white asters at the bottom, three hydrangea heads low down with off white roses between and two brown leaves sticking up to make ears. This was placed on a tall cream coloured pot which had a tweed waistcoat around it with a watch sticking out of the pocket and whiskers painted near the top of the pot.

The second design which was to represent the Mad Hatter was done on top of a large green felt top hat with the price tag of 10/6d attached to it.

A group of asparagus fern was placed at one side with variegated aspidistra leaves at the other, some fern on the top and over the edge. Leather leaf was used to fill in. Some plaited palm leaves and leaves which had been rolled up were then added.

Moluccella pieces were arranged in the top with a pink edged cream orchid in the centre and smaller heads of this in tubes through the design. Knotted aspidistra leaves completed it.

For her next design to represent the Cheshire Cat she had a long rectangular tray covered with orange felt. A variety of foliage including laurel, choisya, senecio, conifer, japonica and fatsia leaves was used.

Strelitzias in bright orange were placed crossing over each other at each end, orange roses lower down round their stems and pieces of purple statis through the design. A very large curved seed pod was placed at the front of the design.

The fourth design depicted the Queen Of Hearts and used a small container with rosemary to form an L shape, red roses on the line of rosemary, thenred gerberas.

The foliage including moluccella, variegated elaegnus, leather leaf, eucalyptus was placed in then a red lily in the centre and some red anthuriums through the design. To complete it she added small playing cards on red sticks and placed this on a red metal stand with a similar design lower down and heart shapes hanging from it.

The Tea Party was represented in her final design. Two round trays with large pink and white cups stacked up with one cup on the top.

She put trailing ivy over the edge, small pieces of leather leaf, some eucalyptus and senicio before adding bright and pale pink roses and bright pink gerberas.

She then filled in with a dark pittosporum, asparagus fern in tubes to which she added dark pink orchids and one large one in the top. Small designs which looked like potte plants were put beside the cups.

Pat Younger gave the vote of thanks.

The April meeting is on Wednesday, April 25 when Mrs M Moore will present ‘Natural Wonders’ at 7.30pm, Whittingham Memorial Institute. Visitors welcome.