Cheviot Valley, Flower Club

The glorious sight of a field of poppies.'Picture taken by Jane Coltman in a field near Foxton.
The glorious sight of a field of poppies.'Picture taken by Jane Coltman in a field near Foxton.

Stunning designs

At the March meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club Katie Jane Pridmore entertained us with a demonstration entitled All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Using a large glass jar with a container on the top, she put in curled and folded aspidistra leaves around the oasis, pinning them with pieces of the stems. Five tall purple alliums at varying heights were placed in the centre, with hypericum berries at the base, cerise roses amongst the berries and between the alliums. Another design of the same was displayed beside it.

For her next design, she used a medium-sized picnic basket with a container inside, which was partly covered in moss. Small pieces of viburnum and ivy were put over the oasis, lilac roses and peach gerberas through the design, and to complete it, pink chrysanths. A similar smaller picnic basket was put beside it.

She then showed us how to make a hand-tied bunch of spring flowers. Using white aluminium wire, she constructed a flat circular frame to put the flowers and foliage into so they held together. The selection of flowers and foliage included two types of narcissi, ranunculus, paper whites and lime green foliage, with small ferns round the outside.

The fourth design was done on a rectangular block of oasis, which had moss on the back. Palm leaves were placed at the back and side, with small ferns and curled and folded aspidistra leaves in the front, and a small variety of leucadendron through it. She then put in a large yellow orchid with a red centre in front of the palm leaves, with foxtail lilies and kangaroo paw through the design. This was placed on some large pieces of cork.

Her final design used a large glass urn, with sand in the bottom, and 27 false lemons. A variety of foliage, including berried ivy, leucadendron and pink heather, was used randomly over the container. Pieces of ivy were placed round the side and over the edge, then a carnation-green tricks, a green viburnum and blue delphiniums upright in the middle, with pink roses amongst the foliage to complete the design.

The designs were all stunning and certainly represented the title.

Mrs Prudence Marks gave the vote of thanks for an excellent demonstration.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, April 27, at 7.30pm, at Whittingham Memorial Institute, when Mrs Val Guest will entertain us with a demonstration of Summer Sizzle. Visitors are welcome.