Cheviot Valley, Flower Club

Whittingham Show 2014
Whittingham Show 2014

Something different

At the September meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Mrs Mildred Stafford entertained us with a demonstration Dare to be Different.

Using a rectangular box, which was covered with the top part of denim jeans, she placed curled yucca plant leaves in three different heights down the centre. A purple agapanthus was put beside each leaf, hellebore leaves round the front and back edges, bergenia leaves at the sides, all in groups, and curled aspidistra leaves at the front corners.

A group of yellow roses were placed at each side, senecio and juniper through the design, yellow gerberas, veronica and pieces of argeritum completed it.

This design was put on a lilac box with three belts down the front and a similar design on one leg of a pair of jeans.

The next design used an oasis ring with the edge covered in a white jute ribbon and gypsophila and viburnum tinus in the oasis.

Twelve white anthuriums were put in an upright position amongst the foliage. Cream roses at a lower level were put between the other flowers, cream orchid heads were added, with a clear tube in the centre to hold a sculpture made with coconut shells, palm kernels and orchid heads above the design.

A tall lime green container was used for the third design. Phormium tenax leaves, which had been split and curled, were placed down the centre at varying heights, bergenia leaves in the front and back, and fatsia japonica leaves round the edge.

A selection of brightly coloured flowers, including Anastasia chrysanths, green carnations, orange roses, large orange gerberas, bright pink gerberas, lime anthuriums and some curled aspidistra leaves to fill the back corners, made the design a modern clashing coloured one.

Two other similar designs were placed beside the lime green container, one in a purple container and the other a small pink one.

Using an oval, rusty, open meshed container, which had pink and brown fabric woven through it, she began by putting in tall flat orange canes, then added Chinese lanterns, which had the leaves removed, plain and variegated bergenia leaves at different angles, then rusty coloured calla lilies beside the upright canes.

Choisya and heuchera palace purple were used to fill in, anthuriums in a chocolate colour and orange/gold roses completed the design. This design represented autumn.

The final design was done in a very tall stone coloured pot. A traditional type of design had phormium leaves sticking out at each side in a horizontal line, some were curled. There were eucalyptus leaves over them, and aspidistra leaves, which had been sprayed silver and curled, were used to create loops around the container.

Bergenia leaves were used to fill in the top, before vintage pink carnations were placed at the sides, pale pink roses round the top, dark and pale lilies, pale pink gerberas and pieces of cupressus to fill in. A larger pot and a smaller one with similar flowers completed the display.

Mrs Prudence Marks gave the vote of thanks. The demonstration was certainly ‘different’, the designs stunning, and the flowers and foliage used fantastic.

The October meeting is the AGM and a Christmas demonstration will be held on Wednesday, November 25, in Whittingham Memorial Hall, at 7.30pm, when Mrs Irene Parker will present Christmas Inspiration. Tickets cost £8, available from I Hunter on 01665 578358. Refreshments, raffle and sales table.