Charity urging elderly to review energy tariffs

Picture by David Jones/PA Wire
Picture by David Jones/PA Wire

Thoughts of energy consumption and the need to keep your home warm may still seem a distant requirement, but Age UK Northumberland is urging older people to plan ahead for winter by reviewing their energy tariff and shopping around for a better energy deal.

A recent report from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that millions of energy customers have been ‘paying too much for their energy bills’.

Furthermore, around 70 per cent of customers are currently on their energy provider’s default, and generally more expensive, standard variable tariff, despite having the option to switch to a new provider or fixed-rate tariff, which could save them money.

Michelle Silverton, from Age UK Northumberland, said: “We urge older people in the North East to take a look at their energy tariff and switch to a better deal if they can.

“We encourage those in later life to consider switching to a fixed tariff, so their energy bills are locked in for a longer term.

“Switching and fixing now will mean your new tariff is up and running before autumn, when inevitably, colder weather will set in.”

Age UK supports the CMA’s proposals for a transitional price cap on standard variable tariffs.

Age UK Northumberland believes it is important for all older people to be able to keep their energy usage and bills as low as possible.

A transitional price cap would mean that customers failing to switch would default to a safeguard tariff, which would have a maximum price set by Ofgem, the energy regulator.

Age UK supports a transitional price cap because it would offer older people some protection against high energy bills until other measures have led to a more competitive market.