Charity shop to the rescue

Lindsey Nicholson (left) with wedding guest Karimah Butcher.
Lindsey Nicholson (left) with wedding guest Karimah Butcher.

I haven’t got a thing to wear was the cry of despair by one wedding guest – who travelled nearly 400 miles, only to find she had left her outfit at home.

But she could still go to the do, thanks to a little help from the owners of a north Northumberland bed and breakfast and the village’s charity shop.

Karimah Butcher, from Sussex, could not quite believe it when she arrived in Belford and discovered that she’d forgotten to pack her clothes for the big day.

Time was against her too; arriving at Well House B&B, run by Phil and Lindsey Nicholson, at 8pm, with the Middleton Hall wedding starting at 12.30pm the next day.

Help was at hand though.

Luckily for Karimah, Lindsey volunteers at the Belford Community Shop and offered to take Karimah there on the morning of the wedding to fix her up an alternative ensemble.

It fit the bill too.

Karimah was able to attend the occasion with a black skirt, cream and black blouse and a jacket from a cream trouser suit – all from the store, and all for a £20 donation.

What’s more, her shoes matched the last-minute outfit.

And Karimah was delighted with her alternative attire.

Lindsey said: “She was very happy with what she had to wear.

“We wanted to make her outfit special and suitable for a wedding.”

Describing the moment when Karimah found out she had left her outfit back in Arundel, Lindsey added: “When she opened the boot see realised that her outfit wasn’t in the car – instead it was hanging on the back of the door at home in Sussex.

“She couldn’t quite believe what she had done.

“But I told her not to worry because we’ve got a really good shop in the village.

“We managed to get her a skirt, blouse and jacket and she was pleased with what she wore.”

Phil is chairman of the Belford Community Group, which runs the shop, and he was delighted to be able to help.

As well as making the £20 donation to the shop, Karimah sent the Nicholsons a bunch of flowers.