Charity helps record number of hedgehogs

Hedgehog numbers have tumbled.Hedgehog numbers have tumbled.
Hedgehog numbers have tumbled.
A charity dedicated to helping hedgehogs had its busiest year in 2017, with increasing numbers needing help.

The Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust, in Longframlington, is run by Carole Catchpole and other volunteers.

She said: “Hedgehogs are in serious decline. In the 1950s, there were about 30million. Now it’s less than one million.

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“2017 was our busiest year, with the numbers of hedgehogs needing our help increasing by 20 per cent.

“We’d love to believe that’s due to the increase in the numbers of hedgehogs around, but that’s too simplistic. Part of the increase could be due to more awareness and education, which is part of the work we do.

“As the numbers of hedgehogs requiring our expertise are rising, we also appreciate donations, either monetary or items from our Amazon wish list, which help to maintain our very high standards of care before releasing the hedgehogs back into the wild.”

Hedgehogs are starting to come out of hibernation. To help, put out water and a mixed selection of food, including kitten biscuits, crushed peanuts, meal or calci worms, or moist cat food.

Drivers are encouraged to take care at night, to avoid squashing hedgehogs.

To volunteer, call Lynn on 01665 570538, or visit

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