CHARITY: Help to keep town's record

Next week thousands of volunteers the length and breadth of Great Britain will be dropping little red envelopes through thousands of front doors. It is Christian Aid Week.

Saturday, 14th May 2016, 5:00 am

Last year the nation raised nearly £8million in this single week, Alnwick’s contribution to this total being well over £4,000. We can feel proud of this amount as we are one of only two towns in the area that has managed to increase its giving year on year.

Just a few moments in front of the news leaves one in no doubt that there is a seemingly endless need for aid in many parts of our world today.

Christian Aid is involved globally in many different types of work. Put very simply, it strives to give help wherever it is needed, regardless of faith or culture. It is currently working to supply food, shelter, clothes, medicine and trauma counselling to refuges, both in areas of conflict and across Europe.

In South America it is helping in the fight against the Zika virus and the focus of this year’s important fund-raising week is families in Bangladesh, who live in fear of the rains coming, floods which repeatedly wash away their homes and, tragically, sometimes their children.

In addition, Christian Aid always keeps resources ready to respond immediately to a natural disaster, such as the earthquake in Nepal last year. But its influence does not stop here.

This month Christian Aid is taking part in the first ever Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. One of its specific aims is to call for investment to help poor communities all over the world to prepare for, withstand and recover from conflict and natural disaster.

So if you feel you can help when the red envelope drops onto your door mat, even the smallest sum of money will play its part in bringing comfort to individuals and families who are suffering.

Sadly, it is not possible for our collectors to cover the whole of the town. If you would like to donate, but do not receive an envelope please pop into St Michael’s Church, between 1pm and 4pm, where there will be a collecting pot and someone to welcome you.

It would be great if, once again, together we can give a little more than we did last year. Thank you.

The Christian Aid Team