Charity celebrates its fifth birthday

HMP Northumberland.
HMP Northumberland.

The Margaret Carey Foundation (MCF) turned five last week and is looking back on its achievements since it began with a positive outlook for the future.

The small registered charity, based in Bradford, delivers bike-maintenance workshops in 10 prisons and the community across the north of England, including at HMP Northumberland.

The charity rescues scrapped bicycles and wheelchairs that are no longer in use and sets up workshops where prisoners clean, adjust and repair them to a high standard.

Once refurbished, a proportion of the bikes and wheelchairs are distributed to communities in need, in the UK and in developing countries, with a proportion being sold to raise funds for the charity.

Director David Brown said: “I have invested many years of my working life in helping people in prison and the positive feedback we receive gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction.”

For more information about the MCF contact David on 01535 275530.