Channel to tackle path run-off problems

An intercepting channel looks set to be installed to prevent water flowing onto a footpath in a north Northumberland village.

A petition, signed by 18 people, was launched by Alnwick’s Bruce Hewison following complaints of water run-off on the footpath at Bridge End in Lesbury.

The path is lower than the adjacent property’s gardens and as a consequence, following periods of heavy rainfall, water runs from the gardens onto the footway.

To resolve this issue, a cut-off drain was installed across the footway. This acts to intercept the run-off and directs it towards a highway drain. But the property boundary wall continues to weep water.

At Monday’s meeting of the county council’s north area committee, members are recommended to approve the installation of a channel as well as advising the property owner about the repointing of the wall, where the mortar has failed.