Changing face of the landscape

Year 11 student Amber Brown's picture of Northumberland National Park.
Year 11 student Amber Brown's picture of Northumberland National Park.

Students at the Duchess’s Community High School are involved with an exciting new project to do with promoting Northumberland National Park.

Media students, from lower school and sixth form, are working closely with a Newcastle-based PR agency, as well as facilitators and project managers from Northumberland National Park.

So far, we have visited the visitor site at Once Brewed, and have taken photographs and short videos of this unique and beautiful landscape. The weather was beautiful on our first trip in July, but it will also be fascinating to record, through film and photography, the changing face of the Northumbrian landscape over the seasons.

Along with a few other schools in the North East, we have been given the chance to work with Northumberland National Park on their new project to redevelop the Once Brewed visitor site and youth hostel in the Hadrian’s Wall area of the park.

The new centre, The Sill, will be a landscape discovery centre for all ages to bring people closer to nature. We went to explore the site, taking test shots of the surroundings, beautiful and inspiring scenery which will eventually be used to promote The Sill through short films, interviews and photography. We’ve been given a very exciting opportunity to work on such a project and be very involved.

Matthew Slack, a Year 13 student, is interested in developing the project. He said: “I really enjoyed observing the landscape that we’ll be working close to this year. It’s a unique and beautiful place. It’ll be interesting to talk to park rangers and people who derive a living from the land.”

Ali Grant, also a Year 13 media student, said: “I enjoyed going to the Once Brewed Visitor Centre, and being shown the architects’ plans for a transformation into The Sill for the future. It will benefit locals tremendously, and will be great for drawing in more tourists so they can also share our landscape. Being here provides a good opportunity to take scenic landscape photos and enjoy the view. I can’t wait for our next trip, when we will be going closer to the Rothbury area.”