Changes to seven-month A1 roadworks scheme

Similar works took place on the A1 bridge in 2010/11.
Similar works took place on the A1 bridge in 2010/11.

The Highways Agency’s contractor has made alterations to the ongoing works at the A1 bridge in Alnwick, including reducing the length of the contraflow section.

As previously reported by the Gazette, work began at the start of this month and is due to be completed by Friday, August 28, weather-permitting.

During the seven-month period, alternate sides of the carriageway of the A1 will be closed with a contraflow system in place on the other side featuring a 50mph speed limit. On top of this, the road to Shilbottle will be restricted to one-way traffic, which will be controlled by manually operated traffic lights.

The contraflow was to run from just north of the Alnwick south interchange about two kilometres down to just north of the Hitchcroft junction (the southern junction to Shilbottle), but yesterday a letter from contractor A-one+ went out to residents explaining that the length of the contraflow section will be reduced by around half, now covering a section from just north to just south of the junction.

This has led to alterations to the sequencing of the project, although the letter to residents was unclear as to what phase one of the works will now entail.

A Highways Agency spokeswoman clarified that for phase one – February to late May, the southbound side will be closed with contraflow on the northbound side. This means that both northbound and southbound traffic are able to exit the A1 at the junction, but the entry-slip road to the A1 is only available for the northbound carriageway. For phase two – from June to late August, the reverse is true, meaning access onto the A1 will only be available southbound.

Essentially, through both phases, there will be no restrictions getting into Alnwick from the A1 at this junction, but there will be diversions for vehicles to get onto the A1, initially for southbound traffic, then for northbound traffic.