Changes to school admission criteria for Rothbury pupils

KEVI headteacher Simon Taylor
KEVI headteacher Simon Taylor

New admission criteria will come into place next year for pupils from Rothbury moving on to high school in Morpeth.

From September 2014 children who have been at Dr Thomlinson’s Middle School for at least two years will be prioritised in transferring to Morpeth’s King Edward VI High School (KEVI).

KEVI headteacher Simon Taylor said: “The new admission criteria is important because it gives parents an assurance that if their children have spent most or all of their time in Morpeth partnership schools, they will have continuity in their education and they will not be split from their friendship groups.”

At the same time Mr Taylor has been appointed executive head of the Three Rivers Learning Trust which includes Newminster and Chantry Middle Schools.

A new head of school at KEVI will be appointed.

Mr Taylor added: “I am delighted to be appointed the executive headteacher of all three schools.

“We are very fortunate to have such great middle schools and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

It is also hoped that links between Dr Thomlinson’s and KEVI will be strengthened as part of the changes at the schools.

As part of efforts to make budget savings within the learning trust executive headteacher of Chantry and Newminster Middle Schools and technology Colleges has volunteered for redundancy.

This will take effect at the end of August, prior to the start of the new school year in September.

The board of the learning trust believes the closer integration will bring about a number of positives for staff and students.