Chance to share all your happy recollections of the Playhouse

A new project that aims to capture memories and personal stories of the Alnwick Playhouse has been launched.

Friday, 19th April 2019, 7:00 am
Alnwick Playhouse

As the popular theatre is in the middle of a major refurbishment at the start of a new chapter in its illustrious history, staff want to put on record the affectionate place it holds within the community.

An exciting commission by Alnwick Playhouse with Living Record Productions, supported by the Arts Council England, to record, play and preserve stories about the Playhouse for future generations.

“The Playhouse has been a vibrant arts centre at the heart of the community of Alnwick,” said theatre manager Jo Potts. “The building is truly loved and currently is out of use as it is undergoes the re-development and refurbishment.”

As part of the public appeal, theatre seat dedication plaques are being sold – the first time people have had this opportunity to own a piece of the theatre.

“We have been overwhelmed by the stories behind each plaque dedication, recounting loved ones lost or those who met at the Playhouse and wish to celebrate their love for each other or for the Playhouse itself,” said Jo.

“The stories positively confirm that a rural arts centre can touch people’s lives and earn its place in the hearts of a community.” 

With the guidance and skills of Living Record, working closely with theatre staff and the community over a short period, the project hopes to capture sensitively the stories of a community which has grown up with a cultural offering and meeting place called the Playhouse. 

“We hope this project will not only capture the stories but offer an innovative way to allow others to share and appreciate them,” said Jo.

Alnwick Playhouse staff will engage in the project, working closely with Ross Dury, artistic director of Living Record Productions and his creative team to develop skills for recording binaural sound experiences and presenting the results in a coherent and dynamic story.

“When we re-launch the Playhouse website in July these stories will shared online in a digital exhibition,” said Jo.

“And when we re-open the Playhouse doors, these stories will be shared with visitors and exhibited in-house.”

Do you have a Playhouse memory or story and want to share this with others and preserve it for the future?

Do you have any old archive material, photographs or programmes which may be of interest?

Then get in touch with the Playhouse memories project.

the theatre would also love to hear from any of the contractors who made alterations to the Playhouse bar and auditorium in 1990.

Start off by sending your contact details and your story to Living Record Project, Lindisfarne Annex, Lindisfarne Road, Alnwick, NE66 1AX. Or call 01665 510785.