CENSORSHIP: Will freedoms be protected?

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I am concerned at the constant attacks made on freedom of speech, or at least freedom of speech if you don’t conform to a politically correct line of thought.

Would our election candidates express their views on the creeping censorship which has been invading our higher educational establishments?

We had Germaine Greer intimidated by activists because of her views on transgender matters and reports of other speakers who oppose a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender agenda being banned or intimidated. What has happened to the freedom to disagree with conventional wisdom?

What would our candidates do to protect freedom of speech?

We have seen reports of Jihadists returning to this country. What will our candidates do to ensure these people are brought to justice and do not slip back into our society?

A number of Christian bishops and priests, including the first woman to be ordained in the Arab world, have been refused visitors’ visas whilst Islamic clerics have been admitted. Would the candidates rigorously address this matter?

John Holwell,