Cemetery charges to rise

Alnwick Cemetery
Alnwick Cemetery

Alnwick Town Council’s cemetery committee has approved the charges and fees which will apply for the 2016/16 financial year.

Alnwick Cemetery is run by the town council, unlike a number of other facilities across Northumberland which are run by the county council.

From April 1, 2016, burial rights for up to 100 years including the right to erect a headstone will cost £515, up from £470 this year.

There is then a charge of either £300 for a single-depth (four-foot) or £450 for a double-depth (five-foot) burial, up from £275 or £410 respectively.

It remains the policy that there are no burial charges for children aged up to 12, unless they are not residents of Alnwick and Denwick parishes.

Adults who are non-parish residents are charged a 100 per cent surcharge, which also applies to Saturday, Sunday and bank-holiday burials.

For cremated remains, burial rights will cost £275 next year, while the burial charge will be £155 and scattering of ashes £95. This compares to the current fees of £250, £140 and £90.

The increase in the charges is in line with the committee’s aim to get the cemetery to a break-even point within five years.

The town council’s charges for 2016/17 compare favourably with those charged by the county council.

Meanwhile, Mayor of Alnwick, Bill Grisdale, provided members with an update on some of the events he had attended in the past month, which included the Christmas lights switch-on – ‘the best lights in the county’ – and the opening of the new dialysis centre at Greensfield Court. He had also met the Berwick Neighbourhood Plan team.

Feedback from a meeting with representatives of Arch and Northumberland County Council about economic development in the town was given at the meeting.

One of the ideas that could be looked at is creating a business improvement district, similar to that which is being created currently in Hexham.