Celebrating a milestone

Elsie and Stuart Brindle.
Elsie and Stuart Brindle.

Last Sunday, Rev Canon Stuart Brindley celebrated the 60th anniversary of being made a Deacon by giving a life history combined with sermon at All Saints Church, Rothbury.

Stuart, 84, left school at 16 after the death of his father on Christmas Day, 1947.

He worked as a clerical officer in Bristol. In 1948, he was helping with a church service when his vicar in Bristol said he should think about becoming a priest. Before he could study for training, he had to complete National Service. He became a private in the Royal Army Service Corps and missed taking part in the Korean War by two weeks.

During a period of leave, he was selected to be trained as a priest and went to St John’s College, Durham. By 1955, he had achieved a BA and a diploma in theology and was made a Deacon. His first job was at St Anne’s Riverside at City Road, Newcastle. Stuart, who was made a priest in 1956, is pictured with wife Elsie.