Ceiling collapse at Alnwick hotel

White Swan Hotel, Alnwick
White Swan Hotel, Alnwick

Fire and rescue crews were called to a Northumberland hotel last night after a severe water leak in the loft caused a small section of second-floor ceiling to collapse.

No-one was injured in the incident at The White Swan Hotel, Alnwick, which occurred at around 10pm due to a faulty water joint.

One room on the second floor and another on the first has been damaged and will remain shut for around two weeks.

Around 90 people were staying at the hotel last night and guests were moved into its Olympic Suite as a precaution. They were given complementary refreshments, made as comfortable as possible, and were able to return to their rooms by 11.30pm.

Hotel staff have been involved in a through-the-night clean-up operation.

General manager James Thompson said: “A very small section of ceiling came down. There is nothing to cause any concern. The business is open as usual and the majority of the hotel is unaffected.”

Two fire engines from Alnwick were called to the scene at 10.08pm after reports of water affecting the electrics and left just before 11pm.