CARE: Buck must stop with the owner

Firstly, I acknowledge that I know nothing personally about the running of care homes and my understanding of them is gleamed from TV programmes, radio, the internet and, of course, newspapers.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 8th May 2016, 5:00 am

However, it seems to me that the onus on delivering a good standard of care is always laid at the door of the ‘front line’ staff.

Rightly so, one may say, and up to a certain point, I agree.

But, sadly when you run a business (care homes are businesses and run for profit), the owner has to keep his finger on the pulse and make sure that they are run well.

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Of course, managers are put in place, like Blessing Giwa, the manager of the Grange Nursing Home in Warkworth, whose premises had been given an ‘inadequate’ rating (Northumberland Gazette, April 21).

And, of course, as managers they are in charge on a daily basis and so should be held accountable.

However, I still maintain that the overall responsibility of ensuring that care homes are run well and properly is firmly to be placed at the door of the owner, and it is the owner who the CQC should be talking to.

Geraldine Costello,

Hillside East,