Caravan owners vent fury

Amble Links Caravan Park.
Amble Links Caravan Park.
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A holiday park at a seaside town has come under fierce criticism from angry caravan owners who say they have been told they must upgrade their ageing vans, or leave.

Emotions are running high after claims that people with vans 15 years or older at Amble Links Coastal Retreat and Holiday Park have been told they must purchase more modern models or move off.

On top of this, some owners say they have been mis-sold and were not told that there was an age limit on the park.

It has sparked a furious response and scores of comments have been left on the Amble Links Owners Forum, under the topic Forced Upgrades or Leave Park.

One contributor to the online discussion, who goes by the name of heartbrokenowner, said they received correspondence about the issue, as did many others.

The writer admits to being devastated about the announcement and said lots of people were in tears about it.

“Long-time owners are being forced to either get off or upgrade to a newer van,” wrote heartbrokenowner, whose caravan is 15 years old.

“The options are either upgrade to a newer van or get off the site by May 31 and get full refund of site fees, or stay until September and walk away with nothing.”

Another writer on the forum, who goes by the name of amble debacle (AD), wrote that feelings on the park were running at ‘fever pitch’ and described the actions as ‘bullying behaviour’.

“The letters have apparently gone to over 30 owners.

“I’ve been round the park and honestly can’t see any tatty-looking vans,” AD wrote on the forum.

Yesterday, several owners at the park contacted the Gazette to say that they feel that they were mis-sold.

One said: “I feel that I have been mis-sold. I was told that there was no age limit on the park when I bought a caravan, which was 12 years old, two years ago.”

The five-star Amble Links is run by Park Leisure. The Gazette asked the company for a comment, but did not receive one before going to press.