Car-parking survey prompts mixed views

One of the Greenwell Road car parks in Alnwick.
One of the Greenwell Road car parks in Alnwick.

A recently-launched car-parking survey to tackle problems in Alnwick has prompted much discussion, with some against the idea of a multi-storey car-park, while others have suggested a park-and-ride scheme.

Last week, the Gazette reported that the Alnwick Chamber of Trade (ACT) committee has put forward a number of ideas in a bid to create extra space for motorists.

Feedback is wanted on the proposals, both from members of ACT and the wider community, as well as people’s own ideas and thoughts.

Among the suggestions is an option for a multi-storey car park in the current section D car park along Greenwell Road.

Other proposals put forward are: Making a permanent car park on the field next to the Bowling Club on Dispensary Street; the return to buying permit parking for all-day parking; and to ask the county council to try to open up car-park spaces under McCarthy and Stone’s Robert Adam Court development on Bondgate Without.

It has prompted various comments on our Facebook page. Stuart McCabe suggested building a car park on the outskirts of town and using a minibus as a shuttle.

However, Maria Hayter said that because the town-centre car-parks are free, she wouldn’t pay to use a park-and-ride system. She added that a multi-storey car-park ‘makes perfect sense’, but Denise Shell believes this would destroy the beauty of Alnwick.

James Bradford suggested an underground car park.

ACT chairman Carlo Biagioni said he has received a range of views from ACT representatives and a number had backed the idea of using the land next to the bowling club.

Mr Biagioni has also suggested extending car-park C along Greenwell Road.

At last week’s Alnwick Town Team meeting, Dave Campbell, from the county council, said there is a shortage of suitable land in the town centre for a multi-storey car-park and it would need to be in keeping. He said the field next to the bowling club would need to be hired for permanent parking and a payment would be required.

It was agreed that ACT request a meeting with the county council and the town council to discuss options.