Candidates standing for Northumberland council seats

The full list of candidates standing for the 67 seats on Northumberland County Council has been released.

Friday, 7th April 2017, 12:41 pm
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 9:21 pm
County Hall, Morpeth, headquarters for Northumberland County Council.

The county goes to the polls on Thursday, May 4, and the deadline for registering to vote is next Thursday, April 13. Call 01670 624811 or email [email protected] for more information.

Here is a full list of the candidates by ward:

Alnwick (two seats): Heather Cairns (Liberal Democrats); Gordon Castle (Conservative); Andrew Duff (Liberal Democrats); Bill Grisdale (Labour); James Matthewson (Labour); Robbie Moore (Conservative); Margaret Weatheritt (Ukip); Michael Weatheritt (Ukip).

Amble: Roger Cashmore (Liberal Democrats); Terry Clark (Labour); June Watson (Conservative).

Amble West with Warkworth: Ann Burke (Independent); Andrew Findlay (Liberal Democrats); Nicola Morrison (Labour); Jeff Watson (Conservative).

Ashington Central: Niran Pulle-Daley (Conservative); Thomas Wilson (Labour).

Bamburgh: Celyn Ashworth (Liberal Democrats); David Paul (Labour); Guy Renner-Thompson (Conservative).

Bedlington Central: David Graham (Independent); Ruben Pulle-Daley (Conservative); Alyson Wallace (Labour); Russ Wallace (Independent).

Bedlington East: Bill Crosby (Independent); Val Tyler (Labour); Johnny Wearmouth (Conservative).

Bedlington West: Tracy Aynsley (Conservative); Adam Hogg (Independent); Terry Johnstone (Labour); Malcolm Robinson.

Bellingham: Phil Bowyer (Labour); Michael Macgregor (Green); John Riddle (Conservative).

Berwick East: Georgina Hill (Independent); Paul Hodgson (Independent); Margaret McKinnon (Liberal Democrats); Hayley Nichols (Conservative); Thomas Stewart (Green).

Berwick North: Brian Douglas (Independent); Anne Forbes (Independent); Jim Herbert (Independent); Gavin Jones (Liberal Democrats); Mick McCarthy (Labour Party); Catherine Seymour (Conservative Party).

Berwick West with Ord: Isabel Hunter (Liberal Democrats); Gregah Roughead (Conservative Party); Patricia Williams (Labour Party).

Bothal: Lynne Grimshaw (Labour); Andy McGregor (Liberal Democrat); Joao Parreira (Conservative).

Bywell: Tom Appleby (Liberal Democrats); James Bryan (Labour); Martin Davenport (Green); Karen Quinn (Conservative).

Choppington: Stephen Armstrong (Independent); Jack Gebhard (Conservative); Dave Ledger (Labour); Sarah Legge (Independent).

College: Nicola Bawn (Conservative); Mark Purvis (Labour).

Corbridge: Maurice Hodgson (Independent); John Oldham (Green); Nick Oliver (Conservative); Keith Trobe (Labour).

Cowpen: Susan Davey (Labour); Brian Erskine (Ukip); Alisdair Gibbs-Barton (Liberal Democrats); Samantha Liddle (Conservative).

Cramlington East: Valerie Ellis (Ukip); Karl McLean (Conservative); Paul Reynolds (Conservative); Ian Swithenbank (Labour).

Cramlington Eastfield: Christine Dunbar (Conservative); Melanie Hurst (Ukip); Susan Johnston (Independent); Lynda McKenna (Liberal Democrats); Laura Pidcock (Labour).

Cramlington North: Wayne Daley (Conservative); David Murray (Labour).

Cramlington South East: Tom Brechany (Liberal Democrats); Paul Ezhilchelvan (Conservative); Christopher Halliday (Ukip); Allan Hepple (Labour).

Cramlington Village: Barrie Crowther (Liberal Democrats); tracey Elliott (Ukip); Kathy Graham; Moyra Smith (Labour); Mark Swinburn (Conservative).

Cramlington West: Barry Flux (Conservative); Jean Whisson (Labour).

Croft: Robert Erskine (Ukip); Scott Lee (Conservative); Kath Nisbet (Labour); Peter Stanger (Liberal Democrats).

Druridge Bay: Mary Bambrough (Liberal Democrats); Scott Dickinson (Labour); James Grant (Independent); Aidan Ruff (Conservative).

Halthwhistle: Laura Blenkinsop (Green); Ian Hutchinson (Conservative); James Little; Annette McGlade (Labour); Stuart Rowlands (Liberal Democrats).

Hartley: John Barrell (Independent); Susan Dungworth (Labour); Maureen Levy (Conservative); Keren Patterson (Ukip); Anita Romer (Liberal Democrats).

Haydon: Kai Bye (Ukip); Brian Gallacher (Labour); Les Morgan (Liberal Democrat); Lance Robson (Conservative).

Haydon and Hadrian: Stephen Grinter (Labour); Barbara Grundey (Green); Jan Harding (Conservative); Chris Heslop (Independent); Alan Sharp (Liberal Democrats).

Hexham Central with Acomb: Trevor Cessford (Conservative); Penny Grennan (Labour); Anne Pickering (Independent); Nigel Warner (Green); Christopher Yeomans (Liberal Democrats).

Hexham East: Peter Arnold (Liberal Democrats); Cath Homer (Conservative); Vanessa Maughan (Labour); Mark Shipperlee (Green).

Hexham West: Tom Dodds (Conservative); David Grundey (Green); Derek Kennedy; Chris Wharton (Labour).

Hirst: Ken Parry (Labour); Elizabeth Rixon (Conservative); Juneille Smith (Ukip).

Holywell: Norman Baston (Ukip); Bernard Pidcock (Labour); Adam Shanley (Conservative).

Humshaugh: Quentin Campbell (Labour); Wesley Foot (Green); Rupert Gibson (Conservative); Tony Selden (Liberal Democrats).

Isabella: Stephen Mallam (Conservative); John Moore (Ukip); Sandra Stanger (Liberal Democrats); Gordon Webb (Labour).

Kitty Brewster: Grant Davey (Labour); Ian Levy (Conservative); Walter Rickerby (Liberal Democrats); Peter Watson (Ukip).

Longhorsley: Charles Jevon (Liberal Democrats); Anthony Reay (Labour); Glen Sanderson (Conservative).

Longhoughton: Kate Cairns (Liberal Democrats); Thelma Morse (Labour); Wendy Pattison (Conservative).

Lynemouth: Dawn Bailey (Liberal Democrats); Liz Dunn (Labour); Thomas Forrester (Conservative); Paul Scott (Independent).

Morpeth Kirkhill: Adrian Slassor (Labour); Andrew Tebbutt (Liberal Democrats); Richard Wearmouth (Conservative).

Morpeth North: David Bawn (Conservative); Nic Best (Green); Mark Owen (Labour); Joan Tebbutt (Liberal Democrats).

Morpeth Stobhill: John Beynon (Conservative); Alison Byard (Liberal Demorat); Ian Lindley (Independent); Brenda Stanton (Labour).

Newbiggin Central and East: Liz Simpson (Labour); Dorothy Wonnacott (Conservative).

Newsham: Deidre Campbell (Labour); Barry Elliott (Ukip); Anne Waggitt (Conservative).

Norham and Islandshires: Roderick Lawrie (Conservative); Brian Parkin (Labour); Dougie Watkin (Liberal Democrats).

Pegswood: Sam Sambrook (Labour); David Towns (Pegswood); David Woodard (Liberal Democrat).

Plessey: Rev Cornell (Ukip); John Durnan (Conservative); Linda Neslund (Labour); Jeff Reid (Liberal Democrats).

Ponteland East & Stannington: Eileen Armstrong (Conservative); Paul Lawrence (Green); Chris Matthew (Liberal Democrats); Tony Reid (Labour).

Ponteland North: Richard Dodd (Conservative); Philip Pennington (Liberal Democrats); Simon Railton (Labour).

Ponteland South with Heddon: Andy Avery (Labour); Tom Hancock (Liberal Democrats); Peter Jackson (Conservative).

Ponteland West: John Hampton (Labour); Veronica Jones (Conservative).

Prudhoe North: Rosie Anderson (Liberal Democrats); Eileen Burt (Labour); Stuart Miles (Ukip); Kenneth Stow (Conservative Party); Pamela Woolner (Green).

Prudhoe South: Sarah Eden (Independent); Glenn Simpson (Labour); Gordon Stewart (Conservative); Robert Theobald (Liberal Democrats); Graham Young (Ukip).

Rothbury: Steven Bridgett (Independent); Sandra Dickinson (Labour); Gavin Egdell (Conservative); David McKechnie (Green).

Seaton with Newbiggin West: Betty Bawn (Conservative); James Lang (Labour).

Seghill with Seaton Delaval: Robert Forsyth (Ukip); Simon Hartland (Conservative); Margaret Richards (Labour).

Shilbottle: John Curry (Ukip); Stewart Selkirk (Labour); Trevor Thorne (Conservative); Liz Whitelam (Liberal Democrats).

Sleekburn: Steve Aynsley (Ukip); Kath Burn (Independent); Jeff Gobin (Labour); Thomas Peacock (Conservative).

South Blyth: Daniel Carr (Conservative); Olga Potts (Labour); Peter Potts (Ukip); Lesley Rickerby (Liberal Democrats).

South Tynedale: Avril Grundy (Liberal Democrats); John Hill (Labour); Colin Horncastle (Conservative); Richard Sutton (Green).

Stakeford: Charlotte Blundred (Conservative); Julie Foster (Labour).

Stocksfield & Broomhaugh: Anne Dale (Independent); Bill Haylock (Labour); Charles Heslop (Conservative); Philip Latham (Liberal Democrats).

Wensleydale: Eileen Cartie (Labour); Gary Hopewell (Conservative); Anna Moore (Ukip); Penny Reid (Liberal Democrats).

Wooler: David Bull (Labour); Rosemary Cott (Liberal Democrats); James Jobson (Green); Anthony Murray (Conservative).