Candidate hits out after bedroom-tax bid rejected

Councillor Scott Dickinson
Councillor Scott Dickinson

Labour’s candidate for Berwick in next year’s General Election has hit out at the incumbent MP for again voting in favour of the so-called bedroom tax, which he says has hit more than 500 families in north Northumberland.

Scott Dickinson is highlighting Sir Alan Beith’s continued support for the Government’s divisive policy, particularly while his successor Julie Pörksen has been telling voters she wants it reviewed.

A recent vote in the House of Commons fell by 32 votes with 35 Liberal Democrats, including Sir Alan, voting to retain the controversial spare-room subsidy.

Mr Dickinson said: “You just can’t trust the party that promised to scrap tuition fees and then doubled them.

“Now we’ve got one Lib Dem saying they’re against the bedroom tax and another voting to keep the tax in Parliament.

“It’s shockingly cynical and it’s time the Lib Dem candidate condemned her Lib Dem colleague for his support of a tax that hits the most vulnerable people hardest.

“This is further evidence that if you vote yellow, you’ll get blue in north Northumberland.”

In September, the Gazette reported that both Lib Dems had welcomed their colleague Andrew George MP’s private member’s bill calling for further reform of the spare-room subsidy, which was supported by a majority of 306 MPs.