Can you provide a loving and caring home for cute Ellie?

Ellie the dog
Ellie the dog

The next instalment of our weekly series dedicated to Alnwick-based dog-rescue charity, SHAK.

SHAK has launched an appeal to find a loving home for one of its dogs, who is finding it hard to adjust to kennel life.

The charity is searching for an experienced keeper to look after Ellie, pictured right, who had ‘a raw deal’ before being helped by SHAK.

Stephen Wylie, founder of SHAK, said: “One of the most difficult things to accept doing this job is when a dog arrives needing us through no fault of its own. It’s even worse when the dog in question really struggles to adjust to kennel life.

“Ellie certainly fits into that category having arrived via the dog wardens after her owner’s circumstances changed. Ellie certainly has had a raw deal.

“In the kennels, she loves everybody but displays signs of stress around the other dogs. It’s so sad to see, and when two of our volunteers offered to take her home for a couple of days, it really was a great opportunity to see the real Ellie. I think we were all amazed at the transformation she showed simply living a normal life and the two volunteers had a wonderful time with her.

“Having seen such a turn around in her while away from kennels, we are now launching an appeal for an experienced foster home for Ellie, with no other dogs or children under 16, to give her the little bit of respite she needs, and a new start.”

To be considered, email