Can you offer a loving new home to Molly?

Molly the dog
Molly the dog

The dedicated team at SHAK is looking for a loving foster home for one of its dogs.

Molly arrived as a stray and the cute little pooch has some anxiety issues.

The charity has been working hard to help her, and, to aid her rehabilitation, the guardian angels at SHAK are now looking for someone to give her a new home.

SHAK’s founder, Stephen Wylie, said: “I think we have accepted that there is a constant stream of dogs needing our help and that the door mostly opens one way.

“However, the last two years or so has seen a dramatic change in the type of dogs we are taking, from the usual lurchers and Staffies to breeds that are a lot more unusual and expensive.

“Take Molly for example. She arrived with us a stray. A little digging has told us that she has had quite a few homes, and her journey in this downward spiral started with an advert which stated ‘free to a good home.’

“Understandably she now has some anxiety issues that we are working on, but spending time with her lurcher friend, Milly, is certainly helping.

“We are looking for a foster home for Molly that is very experienced with husky types, and also one that can help her get through her issues.”

If you are interested in getting more information then please email
SHAK has been running for 11 years and has helped and saved countless dogs over this time. Its headquarters is based at Greenwell Road, Alnwick, while its kennels are at a rural location outside the town. Visit