Can you help to give Kiki a new home?

The next instalment of our weekly series dedicated to the Alnwick-based dog sanctuary, SHAK.

Kiki the Karakachan
Kiki the Karakachan

SHAK founder Stephen Wylie is hoping for some help in placing Kiki, a Karakachan or Bulgarian shepherd dog, the first that he has worked with.

He said: “She is great with the other dogs and in Bren, Rex and Enzo, she has three boyfriends that she manages to keep in check! People she adores, once she has gotten to know you, she is also very clever. I said she is the first we have ever had and, whilst this is a long shot, it means we are also hitting a bit of a brick wall when it comes to placing her.

“We know from her history that her young life has been spent being passed around a bit, the least she deserves it to be settled and with someone who will guide her through her insecurities.

“So we are looking for anybody with connections or experience of the breed (We will only allow her to go to somebody that fits those requirements) to help us find her that person.”

If you can help, get in touch via [email protected]