Can you give Molly the home she needs?

The latest instalment in our weekly series dedicated to the Alnwick-based dog sanctuary SHAK.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 1:00 pm
Molly, a husky-akita cross.

I think we are all very much aware that, over the years, dogs have become fashion items, with breeds replacing designer labels as the must-have accessory.

We see the stars with certain kinds of dogs or one appears in a Hollywood movie and then that breed is suddenly seen everywhere.

Everyone wants them. Of course, we have the smaller breeds like pugs and French bulldogs but one breed in particular that I can see beginning to struggle because of a rapid rise in popularity is huskies. Undeniably beautiful, I think the resemblance to wolves attracts a lot of people, but in my opinion it is often forgotten that these are highly intelligent, sociable working dogs.

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Being locked in a house on their own while their owner works for hours on end is always a difficult situation for the dog to understand.

We have a perfect example with us of how much the wrong environment can really affect a dog for the rest of its life. From the history, we know Molly suffers from severe separation anxiety.

Not her fault, she had been passed from pillar to post before we took her in as a stray.

She loves people and just wants to be with them all the time. Although we think she is a husky cross akita, you can clearly see all the husky traits, with her desperation to work and look after her toys.

She needs a home where she will not be left (I know that’s a tough ask) and where she has company of another dog. Introduced correctly to the right dog, she is very playful. She is so clever that it is sad seeing her in kennels, but we will only let her go to the right home. She has been let down by so many people in the past that the next move has to be the right one. For more about Molly then please send a telephone number to forever [email protected]

There are so many more of this breed turning up in rescue and shelters, it is quite alarming. I have major concerns that they could end up being tarnished like Rottweilers and Dobermans have in the past. Please think very carefully before making your decision on choosing the breed of your next dog.