Campaigner’s call to cut red tape at wrestling events

Powburn Show 2014'Robson Green tries some wrestling.
Powburn Show 2014'Robson Green tries some wrestling.

A would-be MP is calling for a reduction in red tape for Cumberland wrestling events following the relaxation of rules for other wrestling activities.

In October 2013, a Government consultation set out how it intended to remove unnecessary regulation from certain smaller-scale events, freeing up organisers to put on eligible entertainment without filling in licensing forms or going through a costly process.

Powburn Show 2014'Cumberland and Westmoreland Wrestling.

Powburn Show 2014'Cumberland and Westmoreland Wrestling.

However, the outcome said that ‘the Government considers that Cornish or Cumbrian wrestling entertainments cannot with the same certainty be considered to be lower risk entertainment’.

Lib Dem Julie Pörksen said: “It is disappointing that Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling is not treated the same as Greco-Roman and other types of wrestling.

“All wresting has some risks attached but I disagree with the decision on these licensing rules and have written to ministers to let them know.

“Wrestling is exciting to take part in and watch and is at the heart of many local shows, like Alwinton. Robson Green highlighted this recently by participating in the Powburn Show wrestling competition.

“My son is learning the sport at the Rothbury Wrestling Academy so I see firsthand how the organisation of the sport depends on the help of just a few dedicated volunteers.”

This year’s Cumberland and Westmorland 15 stone World Championship is being held at a Rothbury Wrestling Academy-organised evening on Friday, September 5, at Rothbury Mart.

Organiser Darren Whitfield said: “It would really help us if we had to do less admin to put on wrestling events which lots of people enjoy.

“Our small group of helpers really keep the sport alive and if we can do less admin we can spend more time training the next generation of world champion wrestlers.”

The academy trains girls and boys, age six and up, on Wednesdays during term-time at Dr Thomlinson’s school in Rothbury. Contact or call Darren on 07734 785937.