Campaign to tackle plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is a growing issue.Plastic pollution is a growing issue.
Plastic pollution is a growing issue.
Alnwick Area Friends of the Earth has raised concerns about plastic pollution, as part of its campaign to tackle the problem.

During the last few months, the group has been focussing on plastic – whether it be recycling, pollution or the effects of dumped plastic.

The Friends are currently looking at how the dumping of plastic and other waste in Alnwick and the countryside nearby can be prevented.

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Representatives have visited supermarkets and food outlets to try to work together to reduce the dumping of litter.

The group is also hoping to undertake educational work in schools and is in discussion with the council regarding the improved sighting of waste bins.

A group spokesman said: “We are committed to the reduction of waste and in particular plastic waste. The group is making a contribution to the protection of our environment and sea from pollution. We also want to reduce waste and promote more reuse of, for example, plastic bottles.

“The group wants to encourage improvements in recycling and we want to dramatically reduce the littering of our town and countryside. We will continue to work with others to protect our beautiful local environment and the world beyond.”

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As part of its campaign, the group ran a recycling quiz during last year’s Alnwick Food Festival and visited the SUEZ Recycling Centre, based in the south of the county, in December.

The Friends also took part in a beach clean and town clean up and will be doing the same in 2018, as well as encouraging initiatives which prevent plastics ending up in the sea around the Northumberland coast.

For information, contact Terry Smith on 07913 926287.