Campaign’s something to shout about

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to try to save entertainment within struggling pubs and clubs.

Amble’s Radcliffe Club, on Charles Road, has kick-started HeCKLE (Help Clubs Keep Live Entertainment).

The aim is to build a database of performers who want to appear for free or have a cover charge and take that as their fee, in the hope that this will help pubs and clubs be able to put on entertainment for their customers but at no cost to themselves.

A spokesman for the campaign said: “Without clubs and pubs, there is no stage. Without the stage, there is no show.

“In today’s current climate, clubs and pubs are finding it hard with more and more under threat, while entertainers need somewhere to perform and earn a living.

“So whether you are a musician, singer, band, comedian or variety act, HeCKLE can help you.

“By working in partnership and joining HeCKLE you can help keep your stage alive.

“Whether you are an established performer or just starting out, HeCKLE offers you the chance to perform with one simple concept, we provide the stage, you put on the show.

“You can put a show on for free if you are starting out or if you are established then you can take the ticket sales.

“It’s as simple as that.

“I urge you to work with clubs and pubs, help us to build up a database of entertainers, help us to HeCKLE.”

To get involved with the campign, contact the club on 01665 710406 or tag the venue on Facebook at Radcliffe-Club Amble and join the HeCKLE group.