Campaign brings fouling back into focus

SCOOP The Poop has sparked debate at parish councils across north Northumberland this week, bringing local problems caused by fouling back into focus.

At Felton, councillors raised renewed concerns about fouling.

Coun Eleanor Hall said: “It is getting really bad on Main Street. It is quite horrendous and every day we are getting new piles of dirt.

“They are all along the road, even outside the doctor’s surgery. It is either happening early in the morning or late at night, because it is there when we first go out. It looks like it is a large dog which is responsible.”

The council agreed to contact the dog warden about the problem.

East Chevington Parish Council threw its support behind the Gazette’s campaign at its meeting on Monday night.

A number of spots in Hadston and other nearby areas came in for criticism.

Coun Scott Dickinson said angry parents have bombarded him with messages about the state of North Broomhill Park.

“It’s terrible,” he said. “I have had so many emails from parents complaining that their children are coming home covered in dog muck.”

Scathing remarks were also made about the state of Millennium Walk, which runs from Red Row Welfare towards Hauxley.

Coun Julie Milnes said: “It is covered. It is disgusting and it smells.”

Other hotspots which came under the microscope were Red Row Welfare, Hadston community park, Charlton Square in North Broomhill and the Precinct in Hadston.

Coun Cheryl Willcox, who works in public protection at the county council, re-assured members that the authority will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to dog fouling from Monday and offenders will be issued with fixed-penalty notices.