Cameron to the rescue

Cameron Wintrip outside Red Row Brick Club.
Cameron Wintrip outside Red Row Brick Club.

A QUICK-THINKING teenager has been hailed a hero after he helped a mother who had collapsed and suffered an epileptic seizure.

Paperboy Cameron Wintrip, 17, came to the aid of Barbara Symonds last month after he found her having a fit while she was working at The Brick Club in Red Row.

Composed Cameron put the 54-year-old mum-of-one in the recovery position and called for an ambulance using his mobile phone.

The ambulance service arrived minutes later before taking her to Wansbeck General Hospital.

His actions have been praised by paramedics and staff at the club, while Barbara, from Red Row, who is now home safe and well, said: “I think he is a real hero.”

Cameron, a sixth-form student at James Calvert Spence College – Acklington Road, formerly Coquet High School, said he felt really happy to have helped Barbara.

The modest teenager, also from Red Row, said: “I was just doing my paper round as normal when I got to the club.

“If the door is locked I put the paper through the letter-box, but the door was open when I pushed it so I went inside to leave it on the bar. I heard rattling just over the bar.

“I looked over and Barbara was having a fit on the floor. I had just done my first-aid course six weeks earlier through the Football Association, so I put her in the recovery position and called for an ambulance.”

Paramedic Rob Hendy said that Cameron did exactly the right thing when he found Barbara and praised him for staying calm.

“It’s lucky Cameron came into the club when he did. I think there was about a 20-minute gap from the point when we arrived at the scene and the next person coming into the bar,” he added.

Staff at The Brick Club have written a letter of appreciation to Cameron.

Martin Smith, secretary at the club, said: “Cameron made sure Barbara was in the correct position and then called the ambulance giving all the information they needed. I couldn’t believe how quickly they got there – I think it was about seven minutes.”

He added: “Barbara had been cashing up just before she had her attack, and there must have been something in the region of £200 on the bar.

“If someone other than Cameron had come in, they may have just taken the money and left.”