CAMERON IN ALNWICK: Lib Dem candidate responds to PM visit

Julie Porksen
Julie Porksen

The Lib Dem candidate for Berwick has responded to the visit of the Prime Minister to the area today, saying the Tories’ plan for the North East ‘is to cut, cut cut’.

Julie Pörksen said: “The Conservative plan for the North East, as with the rest of the country, is to cut, cut cut. They will go far beyond what is needed to balance the budget, damaging public services and targeting the least well-off in society.

“Only the Liberal Democrats will balance the budget in a way that is fair. We will ensure that the richest bear the biggest burden, we will cut taxes for working people and ensure pensions continue to rise.

“We are the only party to have a fully-funded plan to invest an extra £8billion a year in the NHS, and the huge rise in apprenticeships in the last five years is down to the work of Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats. We will ensure this is a recovery that will help everyone, not just the wealthy.

“As for the A1, the Conservatives promised to dual the road through Northumberland if they won the 1992 election, but they broke that promise. Now, thanks to Liberal Democrats in government, we have a commitment to £290million of improvements to the A1. We cannot afford another Conservative U-turn on this issue and the only way to avoid that is to elect strong Lib Dems who will ensure work starts this time.

“While he’s in the region today, I hope David Cameron will tell us why he is misleading local voters over his party’s plan for regional pay. It is a matter of public record that the Conservatives pushed for regional pay, which would have meant pay cuts for teachers and nurses in the North East. It was only the efforts of Lib Dem MPs in coalition that blocked them. Now he is trying to airbrush the whole episode from history, pretending they never wanted regional pay. He is taking local voters for fools if he thinks he can pull the wool over their eyes on this one.”