Camera captures 98 speeders in two days in Northumberland village

Drivers are being warned to keep their speed in check as a police crackdown is launched in Powburn.

Tuesday, 6th February 2018, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th February 2018, 6:28 pm
The A697 though Powburn.

A speed camera enforcement van has been deployed to the area by Northumbria Police in response to safety concerns from residents and councillors about the high volume of fast-moving traffic passing through the rural village on the busy A697.

The camera has been operating in the area over recent days and is already having an effect in reducing traffic speeds. It has also recorded a number of speeding motorists who could now face a fine and points on their licence.

In total, 98 speeding offences were recorded through the village over a two-day period. Six of these motorists were travelling 50mph or over in the 30mph limit so will face an automatic court summons.

The camera in the van captures high-definition video of traffic travelling both north and south and can detect speeding drivers, anti-social driving such as seat-belt offences, those disposing of litter and motorists using mobile phones behind the wheel.

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Local ward member, Coun Wendy Pattison, said: “I am absolutely delighted for the residents of Powburn.

“Speeding through the village is getting progressively worse and residents have become increasingly concerned, justifiably so. By reducing the speed of vehicles we will greatly reduce the risk and severity of any potential accidents and make Powburn a safer place for everyone.”

New signage has also been introduced over recent weeks.

Coun Robbie Burn, of Hedgeley Parish Council, said: “I’m really pleased that the camera van is here and that it is having an immediate effect in curbing the excessive speeding of the traffic travelling through the village.

“Powburn is a speeding hotspot with a high volume of traffic including many heavy goods vehicles. The camera will act as a massive deterrent and a clear reminder to drivers that they are passing through a residential area.”

PC Burke, of the Northumbria Police Camera Enforcement Unit, said: “We have worked extremely closely with Northumberland County Council and local councillors in assessing this location, discovering as a result that there was a prevalence of vehicles travelling well in excess of the 30mph limit.

“Taking this into account, together with the concerns of the community, the decision was made to commence enforcement as soon as possible. It is hoped that the presence of the camera van will become a deterrent, encouraging motorists to be compliant with the speed limit thus making the village a safer place to live.”

The speed camera van will be situated in the village at various times and locations for the foreseeable future.