CALLS: Please address this nuisance

We've just had another one '“ another '˜cold call' that is.

Saturday, 5th November 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:39 pm

In fact, there were two within 50 minutes – same recording, same phone number, same urgent message.

This one is “an urgent message for people on benefits”, which we are not.

We have had the same call every weekday for three weeks.

Previously, we have had calls about PPIs, computer problems, and a very excited American woman telling us we have “won a holiday in America”, oh yeah.

I wonder who invented cold calling? I’d be interested to see if he/she is an absolute idiot or a calculating ‘business brain’.

These type of calls have been going on for some years now all over the country.

I remember a while ago a group of people went to number 10 with a petition signed by thousands, representing those who wanted such calls stopped.

Are these calls illegal yet? If not, why not?

The recorded ones are worse than the ‘live’ ones as you can tell callers you’re not interested. We are always polite and one bloke now rings off as soon as he recognises my husband’s voice.

I am sure that anyone who can stop these ‘sharks’ from operating, because all they are really after is your dough, will have the very grateful thanks of the whole country.

Incidentally, my husband gets them on his mobile too – a mobile that is only used for texting, and is usually switched off, except during working hours.

So, please someone, anyone, fix it.

Sheena Campbell,

St Aidan’s,