Calls for yellow lines to be put back on roads

Junction on Haw Hill and Rothbury bridge
Junction on Haw Hill and Rothbury bridge
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Concerns have been raised about double parking in Rothbury.

At last week’s monthly meeting councillors heard that motorists have been parking on either side of the road where Haw Hill meets the new bridge.

When work was being carried out on the bridge, yellow lines on the road meant double parking could not happen.

But now it has been re-opened, the lines have been removed and councillors have asked if they could be reinstated.

Coun Helen Walklett told the meeting that the parking means there is a very narrow gap for other drivers to get through if they want to turn left when coming off the bridge.

Coun Mark Gilson asked if there was a map of roads that have yellow lines in Rothbury.

He added: “At the moment there is quite an urgent need for new yellow lines to be painted on to some of our bits of road.

“Rothbury is going back to its normal habit of parking anywhere.”

But the meeting heard that the process to get yellow lines put in is lengthy and could take up to nine months.

Chairman Coun Alan Fendley said: “There clearly are real concerns about the whole issue of yellow lines and parking.

“The idea that the road went back to what it was before the bridge works is not a solution to the problem.”