Calling all potential volunteers, we need you

Cripple Creek Cloggers from Tennessee, USA, perform at the 2014 Alnwick International Music Festival.
Cripple Creek Cloggers from Tennessee, USA, perform at the 2014 Alnwick International Music Festival.

Alnwick has a wide range of community organisations and hosts high-profile events every year. They all share one thing in common, their continuing developing and success depends on volunteers.

For events or community organisations, volunteers can contribute skills, energy and enthusiasm. For volunteers, involvement provides opportunities to further pursue an interest, apply existing knowledge and experience, develop new skills, become involved in new social activities, while making a real contribution to the community.

But one of the problems for potential volunteers is finding which organisations would welcome support and what skills are needed.

Therefore, Alnwick Town Council is hosting a Volunteers Job Fair on Saturday, June 27, in the Northumberland Hall from 10am to 2pm.

Coun Sue Patience, chairman of the council’s recreations and amenities committee, said: “Volunteers fulfil many different roles. They organise events, participate in fund-raising, provide skills or clerical and logistical support, help develop new directions as well as opportunities for leadership and guidance.

“I have heard both existing people and many new residents who have moved to vibrant Alnwick who want to contribute to the community activities but don’t know what opportunities exist and who to contact.

“We have come up with the idea of a Volunteers Fair to allow those interested in volunteering to shop around, find out about organisations and events that may attract them, and to learn about what skills and roles are needed.”

For community organisation or event organisers, this event is an opportunity to showcase how volunteers can most effectively contribute to their group.

A wide range of community groups and event organisers have already been contacted such as Friends of Alnwick Infirmary, the Christmas Lights, Aln Valley Railway and Alnwick International Music Festival.

The event is free and if current or new event organisers want to showcase their needs, they should contact the clerk on 01665 602574 or email