Call to take up a Wild Challenge for nature

Hedgehogs are prevalent in Northumberland. Picture by Ian Rotherham
Hedgehogs are prevalent in Northumberland. Picture by Ian Rotherham

A new survey has revealed the continued decline in sightings of some of Britain’s most familiar and favourite garden wildlife.

In Northumberland, hedgehogs were seen in 75 per cent of gardens or outdoor spaces, but moles and molehills were unseen in around a third of outdoor spaces, while great crested newts also went unseen in around 70 per cent of gardens.

The RSPB is now calling on residents to take up the Wild Challenge to uncover what’s living in their garden.

Daniel Hayhow, RSPB conservation scientist, said: “Often the wildlife we see in our garden is the first experience we have with nature – whether it’s a robin perched on the fence or a hedgehog snuffling around looking for its next meal.

“Unfortunately, the sights and sounds of wildlife that was once common to us are sadly becoming more mysterious to people.”

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Emma Reed, RSPB education, families and youth manager in Northern England, added: “Studies have shown how getting outside and discovering nature is really important for children’s mental and physical wellbeing and it also provides memorable, fun, family time. Every child should have the opportunity to connect with nature so the RSPB’s Wild Challenge is a great way to take your family on a wild adventure.”