Call for safety experts to look at road signage

A resident whose wife was caught driving too fast in Amble has criticised the positioning of speed signage, believing the set-up should be examined by road-safety experts.

Saturday, 21st May 2016, 2:00 pm
The approach to Amble

The complainant – a Mr K Davies from Alnwick – raised concerns about the A1068 stretch leading into the town, which sees the 60mph Rotary Way from Warkworth to Amble change to a 30mph zone on the outskirts of the town.

His letter, read out at Thursday’s town-council, stated: ‘Being surprised when my wife, after more than 60 years of careful trouble-free driving, was given a fixed penalty for exceeding the speed limit in Amble, I decided to investigate.

The Braid, Amble

‘I was surprised to discover a potentially dangerous set of signs which seem very likely to cause, rather than prevent, accident. I understand that three people have already been killed there. In my opinion, the set up should be closely examined by traffic experts.

‘After coming off a straight unrestricted road from Warkworth there is a sharp bend into Amble where motorists immediately face a 30mph sign and are expected to slow down at once. How? Brakes hard on with other vehicles immediately behind perhaps?

‘There is a mast with a screen that flashes 30, but this is even further round the bend. I set my speed to 28mph as I approached this corner. Just beyond the 30mph sign I was overtaken by two drivers who only braked when they saw the flashing sign and had to swerve in front of me. Surely there must be warnings along the straight from Warkworth or the 30mph signs need to be before, not after, the bend.’

Mr Davies has sent the letter to MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan and police. The town council is passing the complaint to county-council highways.

The Braid, Amble