Call for traffic measures in Northumberland coastal village after speeding survey

Drivers have been clocked speeding at over 50mph in a Northumberland village.

Links Road in Bamburgh. Picture by Jane Coltman
Links Road in Bamburgh. Picture by Jane Coltman

They were detected within Bamburgh’s 30mph limits during a week-long speed survey carried out by Northumberland County Council.

The results have prompted calls from councillors and local residents for the introduction of more traffic calming measures.

Coun Guy Renner-Thompson, Bamburgh ward county councillor, said: “It shows there is an actual speeding problems and not just a perceived speeding problem so it warrants action.”

The survey was carried out in several parts of the village during the last week of August.

It monitored the 85th percentile speed or, in other words, the speed at which 15% of traffic violate on average.

The results show traffic on Radcliffe Road travelling at 37mph westbound and 35.1mph eastbound.

Speeds at Links Road South (Armstrong Cottages) measured 36.9mph northbound and 39.3mph southbound.

At Links Road (Plantation), traffic was measured at 39.6mph southbound and 35.4mph northbound.

On Church Road, the data shows westbound traffic at 29.6mph and eastbound traffic at 27.8mph.

“It shows we do have a speeding problem,” said Bamburgh Parish Council vice chairman Andy Bardgett: “It means that 15% of the traffic is going faster than those figures. It is well over the threshold for them to do something about it.”

The survey also underlined that speeding is a particular problem early in the morning and late at night.

Speeds of 50.5mph and 49.7mph were recorded on Links Road South and Radcliffe Road between 6am and 7am.

Coun Bardgett also noted: “We were asked to select where the sensors were placed which we did but the ones on the extreme ends of the village were both brought in.

“Certainly, they were on the village side of Armstrong Cottages so anyone coming out of Armstrong Cottages and turning into the village and doing 10mph would bring down the average speed.

“Also, the people who get to that point and suddenly see all the way to Greenhill and accelerate away were missed.”

The parish council agreed to ask for a meeting with county council highways officers and the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership to discuss what action to take.