Call for a blitz to tackle nuisance parking in the town

Councillors in Amble have called for a '˜blitz' on motorists who park inconsiderately in the town.

Friday, 21st September 2018, 11:00 am
Amble Mayor Craig Weir

It comes after a resident complained about problems along Runciman Way, including regular incidents of vehicles parked on dropped curbs, which is particularly bad at weekends.

Addressing county councillor Jeff Watson at the latest meeting of Amble Town Council, Coun Helen Lewis said: “Do you happen to know, does the county council have the provision for a blitz? Could we request that they put extra officers in and do a blitz in that area, on a Saturday and a Sunday.”

Mayor Coun Craig Weir said: “I think the idea of having a blitz is a great idea because the more people we prosecute on the first day, the less people will do that in the future.”

Coun Watson said that he thought that a blitz would be possible.

Councillors also discussed which parking offences are the responsibility of the county council and which ones can be dealt with by police, and it was agreed to seek clarity on the situation.

Parking is certainly a hot topic in Amble, but not just along Runciman Way.

Coun Terry Clark said that parking was the ‘biggest single issue’ at his residents’ surgery, specifically residential parking.

He said that some areas of the town don’t have adequate space for residents to park outside of their homes, adding that there is a ‘rising demand for residential parking’.

He added that inconsiderate parking does not help the matter and it also caused traffic-flow problems and difficulty for pedestrians.

Coun Weir said that these parking issues have been brought up at the parking meeting, which involves the town and county council, among other representatives.