CADETS: Learn to be water savvy

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The school holidays are well under way and Sea Cadets, a national youth charity with 400 units across the UK, is urging people to stay safe in its Water Savvy campaign.

More than 300 people drowned in the UK last year, and more suffered life-changing injuries through near-drowning. But many of these tragic incidents could be avoided through good knowledge of water safety.

Sea Cadets’ campaign highlights the importance of staying safe in, on and around the water, and making others aware of the dangers.

We offer water-based adventure to 14,000 young people, aged 10 to 18, across the country, who, along with our 9,000 volunteers, undergo specialist water-safety training.

But we want to spread the message further.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure you, your family and your friends stay safe.

When swimming in open water, stay close to the shore, make sure you are appropriately dressed, and let someone know where you are going.

If you fall in accidentally, cold water shock can be deadly and it is vital you do not swim or try to get out. Instead, focus on floating and keeping your airway above the water.

You can find lots more tips and information by downloading our free Water Savvy guide at

Tye Shuttleworth,

Head of Inshore Boating, Sea Cadets