Busy year of events for museum

Following on from the fantastic Illustrating Harry Potter experience, the Bailiffgate Museum has lined up a fantastic new programme of events and exhibitions to suit all ages and tastes throughout 2018.

Saturday, 27th January 2018, 1:52 pm

Felton Art Group kicks off in February with a 21st anniversary celebration and a stunning eclectic display of art.

Led by professional artist Jo Hume, the group is characterised by the diverse and outstanding skills of its members. A Sense of Place will delight visitors.

Mid March will be the truly big occasion when the Batteries Not Included exhibition explodes on the scene in a celebration of childhood and the toys, games and past times that were treasured.

There really will be something for everyone, with toys and games of every decade represented since the First World War.

As with Illustrating Harry Potter, a large part of the gallery will be given over to interactive fun and games. Each month will see a new focus.

The fun begins in earnest on April 21 with the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, followed by a whole Bank Holiday weekend devoted to Build It! – a hands-on journey through Lego, Meccano and the rest, giving a chance for youngsters to revisit or meet these wonders for the first time. It’s also an opportunity for the older generation to prove their toys really were better than the new electronic ones.

Jane Mann, volunteer, said: “We have developed a new mascot for the exhibition called Baili the Bear. I am told he is Time Travelller so watch out for him over the next few months. He will be around quite a lot.”

A calmer, but equally inspiring, period will descend on the museum in September when It Happens arrives as part of its national tour.

The trio of talented textile artists have exhibited several times in Alnwick to great acclaim.

Wrapping up the year sees the Celebration of 100 Years of the WI in Alnwick, which is expecting great cakes and bursts of Jerusalem to pull the visitors in as this much loved organisation shows off its history.

And people interested in crafts should note that the ever popular textile classes will run.

Eta Ingham Laurie is running, for the first time, an advanced freeform weaving class for experienced weavers on March 5, with the usual beginners’ class in the autumn.

The Alnwick then and Now exhibition will continue to run until February 4.

For more information about events visit www.bailiffgatemuseum.co.uk