Workshop aims to give advice for start-ups

A free one-off workshop is taking place later this month to help people who are looking to start a business.

The special event will take place at the Amble Community Sports Development Centre on Saturday, April 18, from 10am.

Run by local businessman Bruce Durham, the forum will cover items such as advertising, raising funds, interviewing staff and business plans.

Bruce, from Amble, recently set up the Bobby Dazzler Oven and Carpet Cleaning Company.

He said: “If I had a pound for every time someone has come up to me and said that they have a cracking business idea, but then do nothing about it, I would have more pounds than a till at Poundland.

“You see, it’s often the fact that people just don’t know what to do next and that’s the thing that stops them.”

Bruce is hoping that the workshop will help people who want to take the plunge in setting up their own business, but just don’t know how to do it.

He added: “If setting up a business is for you, do it! Don’t look at what could go wrong, look at what could go right.”

For more information about the workshop, contact Bruce via the Bobby Dazzler Oven and Carpet Cleaning Facebook page.