Wooler Mart (Wednesday, December 10)

Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.
Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.

At their weekly primestock sale, John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 1,663 lambs and 300 ewes.

The annual Christmas Show took place along with the primestock sale, expertly judged by Mr J Curle, of Bowsden.

The Championship was awarded to Messrs HN Howard & Son, of Chillingham Home Farm, for a pen of Beltex.x lambs, weighing 48kg and selling at £140 to the judge MrJ Curle, a treble for the Chillingham Home Farm team at this centre this year.

The Reserve Championship went to last year’s successors Messrs SH Spours & Sons, of Henlaw, for a pen of Beltex.x lambs, weighing 42kg and selling at £90 again to the judge.

A larger show of lambs, a larger show of buyers saw returns again head in the right direction, vendors receiving trade above expectations.

Leading prices per head - Bel.x: £140, £98.50, £96, £95 Chillingham Home Farm; £90 (2) £89, £88.50 (2), £87.50. £86, £85.50, £85, £84.50 Henlaw; £84.50 Yetlington Lane. Tex.x: £95.50 South Charlton; £94, £93.50 Fowberry Moor; £90 Henlaw, Inland Pastures, Fowberry Moor and Edlingham Newtown, £89.50 Mindrum Farming Co. CM: £91 South Charlton. Suff.x: £90, £87.50 Brockley Hall; £85.50 Biddlestone Home Farm and Brockley Hall. Char: £89 Yetlington Lane; £88.50, £88 Elwick. Chev: £84, £83 South Charlton. Mule: £77 Hedgeley Farms and Ladykirk. BF: £76.50 Lilburn Estates; £76 Henlaw.

Leading prices per kilo - Bel.x: 291.7p Chillingham Home Far; 214.3p Henlaw; 210.7p (2) Henlaw; 209.6p Chillingham Home Farm; 208.5p, 208.3p, 207p, 206.1p Henlaw; 206.1p Yetlington Lane. Tex.x: 217.1p, 216.3p Black Heddon; 212.8p Biddlestone Home Farm; 211.3p Shotton; 210.3p Yetlington Lane; 210p Elwick; 208.8p Lorbottle and Todrig; 208.5p Edlingham Newtown; 208.3p Mindrum Farming Co; 207.5p Lilburn Estates; 207.1p Black Heddon and Edlingham Newtown; 206p Elwick; 205.8p West Longridge. Suff.x: 208.8p, 201.3p Biddlestone Home Farm; 201.2p Edlingham Newtown; 200p Howtel. Char: 204.9p, 204.7p Elwick. Chev: 205.4p Shotton; 202.4p South Charlton. BF: 191.3p Lilburn Estates.

Ewes similar in numbers again very dear, more needed.

Leading prices - Suff.x: £129.50 Southfield, Seahouses; £98.50 Fenham Hill; £96 Newstead and Fowberry Moor. Tex.x: £120 Barmoor Red House; £115 Fenham Hill; £110 Elwick; £108 Fenham Hill; £98 Brockley Hall; £96 Lickar Moor; £94, £93.50 Lorbottle. Bel.x: £108 Fenham Hill. HB: £99.50 Brandon. Mule: £86.50 Brockley Hall; £84.50 Barmoor Red House; £84 Kettleburn and Common Flat; £83 Lorbottle. Chev: £71 Great Ryle. BF: £63.50 Barmoor Red House. Swale: £61 Hedgeley Farms.

Rams - Tex.x: £92 Haugh Head.