Wooler Mart, October 16

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At their weekly Prime Stock sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1,101 lambs and 353 ewes. Lamb numbers more plentiful and again smart handy weights receiving large premiums.

Leading prices per head: Tex.x: £90 Lilburn Estates, £84 Holy Island and Bewick Folly, £83.50 Black Heddon, £83 Elwick, Lorbottle and Black Heddon, £82 East Fleetham (4), Lilburn Estates, Black Heddon, Village Farm, Holy Island, Lorbottle and Craigshouse, £81.50 Branton Eastside. Suff.x: £83 Holy Island, £82 East Fleetham, £80 Lilburn Estates, West Longridge and Kettleburn. Bel.x: £80 Ladykirk. C.M: £76.50 Bewick Folly. Mule: £75 Ladykirk.

Leading prices per kilo: Bel.x: 210.5p, 203.9p, 197.3p Ladykirk. Tex.x: 205p Village Farm, Seahouses, 202.4p, 198.8p Black Heddon, 195.4p Bewick Folly, 192.5p Elwick, 191.7p Bewick Folly, 190.7p Craigshouse, 190.2p Ladykirk. Suff.x: 188.6p Holy Island, 184.9p, 183.3p Low Middleton. Char.x: 181.4p Auchencrow Mains.

Ewes: Leading prices: Tex: £85 Lilburn Estates (Roseden), £83, £77 South Bellshill, £79 Elwick, £76 Holy Island. Suff.x: £82, £79 Wandon, £75 Holy Island. BFL: £68 Lilburn Estates (Roseden). Mule: £65 Holy Island (M Patterson), £62 Elwick, £61 Low Middleton, £59 Shipley Lane, £57 Castlelaw and South Bellshill. CHM: £57 High Learchild. BF: £34 Blackmountain.

Rams: Tex.x: £95 South Bellshill, BFL: £83 Lilburn Estates.