Wooler Mart, October 15

Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.
Livestock prices at Wooler Mart.

John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1,576 lambs and 310 ewes. In spec lambs dearer, well in advance of early market trades, heavy weights very similar.

Leading prices per head: Bel: £80 Henlaw, £74.50 Edlingham Demesne, £73.50 Yetlington Lane, £72 (2) Ladykirk, £71 Lilburn Estates, £70.50 Henlaw and Lilburn Estates. Tex.: £79 South Ditchburn, £77, £74.50 (2) Cockhall, £73 Wandon, £72 Auchencrow Mains, Springhill, Seahouses, South Charlton, Greenhead, Reston and Cockhall, £71.50 Auchencrow Mains, £71 Springhill, Seahouses and Yetlington Lane.

Suff.x: £75.50 Auchencrow Mains, £75 Castlelaw, £72 Springhill, Seahouses, £71.50 Brockley Hall, £70 Mindrum and Craigshouse, £69.50 Shotton, Castlelaw, Auchencrow Mains (2), Springhill, Seahouses and Low Middleton. Chev: £68.50 South Charlton, £68 South Charlton (M Hall). CHM: £69 Wandon, £66.50 Great Ryle (2). Zwa: £76.50 Mindrum. Ven:- £66 Craigshouse.

Leading prices per kilo: Bel: 200p Henlaw, 191p Edlingham Demesne, 185.5p Lilburn Estates, 179.3p Yetlington Lane, 175.6p (2) Ladykirk. Tex.x: 183.3p, 177.4p, 171.4p Cockhall, 170.7p Lorbottle, 170p Shipley Smallburn, 169.1p Yetlington Lane, 167.4p South Charlton, 166.5p Henlaw, 166.3p Edlingham Demesne, 165.9p Wandon, 165.5p Village Farm, 165.1p Springhill, Seahouses, 165p Lilburn Estates.

Suff.x: 157.1p Biddlestone Home Farm, 156p Lilburn Estates, 153.5p Shipley Lane and Doune Brae, 153.4p Lilburn Estates. Chev: 157.1p Great Ryle, 153.5p (2) South Charlton. CHM: 154.7p Great Ryle.

Ewe trade very similar and excellent for this time of year.

Leading prices: Tex.: £100 Ladykirk, £97 Alnham, £83 Ladykirk, £81 Low Middleton, £75 Charlton Mires and Ladykirk, £73 Lorbottle, £71 Amerside Law and Ladykirk. Suff.x: £87 Charlton Mires, £85 Castlelaw, £83 Pallinsburn, £77 Low Middleton, £75 Great Ryle and Lorbottle. Chev: £87 Alnham, £67 Hethpool, £63 South Charlton. Mule: £71 Brockley Hall, £69 Pallinsburn, Castlelaw and Charlton Mires, £63 Low Middleton and Cockhall. BF: £57, £47 Alwinton Farm. Swa: £41 Charlton Mires.